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We can make Mars like Earth and live there. On a new planet. We can rocket to another world and build. Cities. Other rocket ships. We’ll— are you listening to me? Are you hearing the words that I’m saying? Why are you not excited about this?

What I have discovered is: ... The philosophical root of objection to Mars is not concerned with Mars at all. People who stand opposed to Mars think we sort of suck.

A love of Mars is a belief in humanity’s potential, and destiny. ... We may think people are good or [not], but we uniformly believe that people have the potential to be amazing. We tend to forgive ourselves our distant pasts completely, to only concern ourselves with the present occasionally, and to dream about the future relentlessly.

This is the story that Icarus told and the Wright Brothers fixed. We may not be a creature made to fly, but we are something far greater. We are a creature made to dream. We are a creature made to become whatever we want to become. ... We have work to do.
On Being Martian | Michael Solana (via enki)
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first thousand^^
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Damn right. 
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Acoustic refrigerators are refrigerators that use resonant linear reciprocating motors/alternators to generate a sound which is then converted to heat and cold using compressed helium gas. The heat is descarded and the cold is routed to the refrigerator.
Refrigerator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

sorry, i can't hear you over the sound of how cool i am.
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Man soll nichts gegen AKWs in D sagen, weil J weit weg ist. Meinen Leute, die bei jedem Furz von Bin Laden hier die Vollüberwachung fordern.
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You go girl!

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Just because something’s already been done, doesn’t mean it’s already been done _well_.
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OH: "Justin Bieber: God sent me to make music. Daft Punk: We didn't send anyone."
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There is a lot of concern, state-side that the Japanese are making the rest of the world look bad. There was some talk of taking some volunteers from New Orleans and Haiti over to show you guys how to properly loot and vandalize so we can feel better about ourselves.
— Friend of a friend on facebook
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